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I’ve never seen a bookie re-instate promos or unrestricted people. You could arb/middle pointsbet now, and either make some cash from them and/or actually see if they will re-instate your promos.

How long have you been betting with Ubet? What sort of ratio of promos to non promos? How much did you try and withdraw, both in real dollar terms and % of your account balance?

Ubet used to be really lenient, because they were all old school bricks and mortar type bookies, not really online savvy. I smashed their promos for years, and then even when I got warned, they told me I had a 3 month grace period before they would ban me from promos, so in that time, seeing the writing was on the wall, I didn’t even bet on another non promo. Sure enough to their word, 3 months later they banned me from promos.

But times have changed. TabCorp bought them out, and I have it on good authority they were astonished at how poor the Ubet systems were to stop arbers/matched bettors. So they have started using their own systems, which my experience if TAB is far more advanced than Ubet ever was.

You can try “losing” money to BetFair, but I’ve found it’s a bit of a fallacy, at least in the long term. Sure you might lose some bets in the short term, mainly by betting on some longer odds bets, but sooner or later you’re going to win one, and just transfer all that cash back to Ubet, and in doing so look like you just had a massive win to Ubet.