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There are still a few agencies you can get Bonus Bets with; it’s just a matter of calling them up after depositing. You can check out the bookie sheet here. I know NSW still works as a few members were talking about it today 🙂 Follow the script from the free Ebook.

To give you some perspective, Sign Up Bonuses are a short-term method used to get the bankroll pumping. It is a great short method, but the focus is always on the long-term – that is where nearly all your profits will come from if you know the process.

And it depends, if you want to start off on the right foot from the get-go, you should join the Elites System. This way you will have access to the 50+ lessons which include a variety of step-by-step videos, Elites Course which consists of the 5+ Methods you can use to make a sustainable income month after month with (Seeing $2500+ a month on a consistent basis is quite common. I will attach some photos below where you see an Elite Member making $800 and $1100 in a single day on the 9/06/2018), Extra Method bonuses, Live Chat/ Access to forums, full access to resources, worlds first Matched Betting Sustainability Course which keeps you flying under the bookies radar. You can find more out about the Elites System by clicking here

Promos Paradise is just a tool to ignite the content from a few methods in the Elites System. It saves us Matched Bettors time by finding every promotion and provides blueprint bets for the sports promo method. Promos Paradise doesn’t teach you knowledge, more acts as a tool. If you click the link above for the Elites System, you can see all the info that comes with it and see how insignificant Sports Promos and Bonus Turnovers are in comparison to everything else it provides. If you are not up for the investment yet and would instead give it a go yourself, a path you could take is doing the sign-up bonuses and following along with Calvin’s Promos Of The Day with the subscription. That way you are starting to get into the sports promo side of things as well as doing bonus turnovers. I will say though; it is not uncommon for you to break even in a single week from the Elites System.

If you wish to start getting into it on your own and following Calvin’s Promos, make sure you are thinking in depth about the process you take and how sustainable you are being. Sustainability is a critical topic most Matched Bettors overlook.
This free video will help >> here.