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TabTouch are one of the dumbest bookies around imo.

I scammed their promos and arbed them hard for about 2 years before they finally caught on, and even when they did, they still didn’t ban me from promos, just restrict my stakes. Even then it was still at levels I could arb at. After about another year, they finally reduced my stakes to the levels I couldn’t be bothered arbing anymore, yet I was still not promo banned and my allowed stakes were still in excess of the promo amounts. In the last 2 years I never put a non promo bet on with them, and it was only in the past month or so that they finally restricted my stakes to the level it’s not worth my time even getting on promos. I’m still not banned from promos though haha.

They’re good too because they’re promos are real cash. They have some pretty shit promos, but they also have a lot of good ones. Not as many as they once did, but still well worth signing up.