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Hi Louise.

It certainly is worth the time. Seeing from $500 – $1000 a week from Matched Betting is very achievable.

You see the bonus turnover method is a very short term method. It is only used to get the bankroll rolling. After that the focus turns to the long term methods ~ sports/racing promotions, boosts, middles and then onto general arbitrage itself (after you have been banned from promotions).

On that note – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uU8XlcYlv4 watch this video. It is a minor level sustainability course. Being banned from the bookies is inevitable- but by taking some of the precautions outlined in this video, you should except to see the life of your account last for a substantial amount of time. We have had members with us from the start who are still going (nearly a year now)

Once you get banned from promotions, you can then start indulging into some general arbitrage. sports/racing is the way to go. It is outlined all in the Elite Course. But generally if you are smart the way you do your Matched Betting, you should not be having to worry about arbitrage for some time. Seeing $25k in the first year is MORE THEN ACHIEVABLE with the elites course.

Start with the bonus basher book and let us know if you need any assistance.