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Yeh they are haha bunch of rawts. I have not heard any issues recently other then quick bannings. They went through a stage where they were closing individuals accounts down and asking for all sorts of documents. Reason for this is cause when they launched they got hot heads trying to take market control and were throwing all sorts of promotions out – while legit no one monitored them. I boosted every night for 2 months straight around and honestly paid for a few holidays in that time. Was a joke… boosts from 1.1 straight to 1.3 $1000 on that boom. $200 on avg each night easily i would say.

Anyway they got hit HARD and decided to try and recoup some of those losses back – standard scum bookie move.

Like i said though, i have not heard of any serious issues since late/early this year. If they kept that up no one would ever want to bet with them again..

go for it mate – just make sure you keep money in there for a bit and DON’T ABUSE PROMOTIONAL MARKETS.

As you can see above they don’t like it at all (terms and conditions posts).

But please don’t disregard them… i would love nothing more then for you to make a few thousand of neds 🙂

Kill em! (but be smart about it)