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      Am new to this. By rough calculations if i place a head to head bet on one team using sportsbet and then on the opponent using bet365, i will create an opportunity for a large payout if one team gets the early payout then goes on to lose. There is a slight loss margin for every match due to bookie margins however it works out only needing 1 win every 20 or so matches to get in profit. Am i missing anything here? Seems very simple



      You are right, but the big question is, do you think it’s going to come off once every 20 games? And once in every 20 games will probably only ensure you don’t lose money, not necessarily make much money, taking in to account time spent, goodwill lost because of getting on the promos etc. I posted some stats on this in the Elite group, if you have access to that.



      I do not have access, how do I gain that? If the payout happens early in the game then you get a good chance to cash out and guarantee profit.



      It’s our paid service which includes the course and access to our live chat/elite group >> https://profitkings.wpengine.com/product/the-elites-course/
      Focus on getting a few bonus turnovers done before thinking about it. Make sure you are buying with nearly 100% profit if you choose to come along with us.

      You are spot on though, read this you will enjoy it >> https://profitkings.wpengine.com/interesting-payout-method/

      Like Oxy said, it is rare for a team to go up by 24 then lose, but by using the method above you can ensure profits like you mentioned. Doesn’t work with every game (eg 1.05 Fav goes up 24 it will be difficult to lock much in as odds will be ridiculously low)



      Would using the cash out feature essentially be doing the same thing as live betting? 3 nice afl games today!



      Why would you want to cash out?

      Cash Out is a bit of a rort. They give you pretty shit odds to do so. It’s even worse odds than betting on the other team at that same bookie, let alone betting at a different bookie with better odds.



      In your experience is there an agency that tends to offer the best live odds?



      I find it varies so much with in-play bets. One agency might offer a good price on one game, but then be terrible on the next game.

      BetFair is good because you can do it online (if you have a VPN with an overseas IP), but other than that I’ll shop around a bit.

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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