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      Hi Guys, I’ve been trying to get my head around how to hedge spread betting with Pointsbet using Betfair. There would have to be a way, but it’s doing my head in…. Anyone have any bright ideas?



      hey mate,

      nah no way of doing that unfortunately- (not reliably anyway).

      Pointsbet you can’t control your losses on spread betting.

      Eg, you bet on a game:
      POINTSBET- $200 Total Match Points over 200
      Betfair – $200 LAY Total Match Points over 200

      If the result finishes at 180, you lose $4k on Pointsbet, and win back $200 on Betfair.

      You would probably have to be live betting on Betfair intensely to make sure you don’t get smacked for 6. I would have to look more into this statement though.

      The general idea of “Spread Betting” isn’t worth the risk imo. I will have a good look a bit later but i would stay away from it. Just target NRL promos on Pointsbet.



      Yeah I figured as much – thanks for your thoughts. While I’m at it & for anyone who doesn’t already know, the Sportsbet & Bet365 early payouts on nrl & afl can work really well if arbed properly. I made plenty – before they restricted me anyway… still trying to work out how to get back in their good books…



      Yeah those promotions are great to hedge against each other. If you combine it well using stats, you can be selective about the games you bet on. This is something we talk about a lot in the Elites. This greatly improves your account sustainability to make sure you keep those accounts open while still making big profits, but not abusing the promotions.

      MORAL: Don’t abuse those promotions too much! Keep your accounts open and make those profits a long term thing

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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