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      what should be my initial stake to start?



      @karthik-koti depends. We recommend starting with at least $500 (although you can start trading some of these methods with as little as $200). If you have more though, use it! $2k would be the ‘perfect’ starting bankroll IMO



      Mate im definitely no expert at this, only new myself… But firstly only bet what you can afford to lose! Thats quite important…

      I started by getting a matched deposit bonus for some free bets and then also put some money in betfair to lay with.

      Just building up betting funds slowly working through some deposit bonuses. Eventually all going well you will have enough capital to leave money spread through multiple accounts.

      Anyone with more experience want to give any more/better advice?



      @wilko your approach is spot on. There is no need to rush the initial face of building your bankroll. I originally started my journey with a $1000 bankroll. The start was slow, but money was being made. After a couple of months the bankroll starts to have a massive snowball effect and you really start making some room to play with.

      Start with clearing those deposit bonuses like you are doing, then once you feel comfortable with the process/have enough bankroll to try some of the stuff in our elite course then do so. I would suggest playing around with some sports promotions in the near future.

      No need to rush this stuff. Take your time and the results will come.
      Keep up the good work mate

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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