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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Betting.club
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      I can’t seem to find the bonus deposit promotion from google for b.c, are they still running the 200$ signup bonus if you deposit 200?

      And when you bet the bonus money, can you withdraw the real money afterwards or do the turnover technique?

      Also looking at Betstar that is running 250 match bonus bet on sign up, it says excluding vic but it still goes through when you sign up?

      I’m from Vic





      Ladbrokes, Betstar and Bookmaker are all apart of the same company. You can only get a sign up bonus with one of them!

      I would suggest waiting for Ladbrokes and getting the $550 Bonus.

      BettingClub won’t give bonuses to VIC. This tactic used to work though for me – Sign up for an account, don’t deposit any money and they may send you a text/email in around 5 days offering you something. They recently just got bought out by another company so i am unsure if this tactic still works.



      I ended depositing and didnt get a bonus so I rang up and he reminded I had a ladbrokes acc 2 years ago but good guy still gave me a 275$ bonus for signng up haha

      okay, I’ll give that one ago.

      Cheers :))



      legend nice stuff man! Easy $200 + right there for you.



      Is betting.club fuct for anyone else? I have no transaction history, 0 balance and no bonus bets. Pretty sure there should be something in all of those.



      yep. They went through a website upgrade and fucked everything…Ppl who had $0 now have $1000, and those who had $1000 now have 0.

      Will have to call them up to sort it.



      Anyone still having issues with betting.club? Can’t even get into my account I’ve got like $100 tied up in there



      I was having no luck signing into my account, had $500 in there. I called them up last week and the reset my password, I logged in and noticed no promos and nothing was working correctly. I withdrew my cash and ran!



      yeh good call. Ever since they changed ownership the only place these boys have been going is downhill lol

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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