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      I’m currently betting via and iPhone , I’m using an incognito browser in duck duck go and also express VPN , is this ok or should I be doing things differently . Thank you



      Hey @tbird133

      Do not use a VPN at all when logging into any bookmaker account, it’s simply not needed. As long as you’re in incognito mode on your phone then you’re fine.

      Some bookies will block your login via incognito mode such as Beteasy & Ladbrokes, when this happens simply use a normal browser and only every login to one bookie at a time. After you have used that bookie and need to switch to a different bookie, delete your cookies & history and then login to the next one. This is only required when you’re using a normal browser.

      Hope this helps 🙂



      I have been promo banned on this phone before and am using multiple accounts and some of my friends accounts . Would they track my Ip adress still ?? And ban me straight away if they see it matches up to a banned account with the same device ?? Or I should be fine if I follow the steps you said . Thanks



      Also can I leave multiple bookies open in my browser on incognito mode or do I have to log out every time like normal browser ? Also on a pc just incognito mode or a VPN is required using pc .

      Thanks heaps sorry about the multiple questions



      No worries at all mate!

      Certainly do not use the same phone to login to multiple different accounts, only use it to access your own accounts otherwise the bookies will detect the same device & IP address, resulting in a ban as you mentioned above.

      And you don’t need to logout when using the incognito mode. The use of a VPN is not recommended at all, regardless if you’re on PC or mobile.

      We can’t discuss in full detail about how to access multiple accounts, but you need a separate IP address (internet connection) and a separate device (phone/laptop) if you wish to bet with friends accounts.

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