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      Hey guys,

      Very new too this. Wanted to know if the best turnover you can do is the line at $1.91 and then back against it.

      Eg. 250 x 1.91 = 477.5 – 250 = 227.5

      I noticed a lot of people using the 2 way and 3 way Dutch calc but wouldn’t this be easier?



      That is a ‘2-way’ dutch just to clarify. And yes it isn’t too bad to do that but you need to make sure the odds are good. 1.91/1.91 is a -4.5% Return on Investment meaning you lose 4.5% of the total stake.

      Sometimes you can find a 1.95/1.91 if your lucky. That being said I have been turning over funds using methods from the Elites System for the past year+ so I’m not sure how the odds look now for line bets.



      Are you talking about bonus bets themselves, or turnover for deposits made to get the bonus bets?



      He got confused by this comment it seems.

      Andrew was talking about Bonus Turnover, then Damien started talking about normal turnover here by the sounds of it, not bonus turnover. In that case, you would change the calculator to “2-WAY DUTCHING CALCULATOR”

      Results in a -4.5%.

      I personally like to hit <2%, but the idea is spot on when it comes to TURNING OVER FUNDS (Not Bonuses)

      You would never turn bonuses over on the line at 1.91 v 1.91. Chuck them in the calculator (see below) and it results only in a 43%.

      Generally, you want to look for odds >$5 when it comes to turning bonuses over

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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