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      Just looking for some help here, as Im not sure what to do about my situation with ClassicBet. Heres a brief outline of the situation, any positive feedback is appreciated.
      Opened an account with CB in October 2018. Deposited $1000 cash at the NAB bank, with my account name on the receipt as the reference. I did it this way as im 79 and do not have internet banking.
      Recd a receipt, called them up to notify them of the deposit and they advised they would put the $1000 into my betting account once recd.
      The following day, the $1000 is in my account, along with all the bonus bets they offered me as a new customer.
      Been betting on the account since then, and in January i decided to withdraw. They requested a bank account for them to send my money to, did that, all verified atc and I withdrew $1000, and 3 days later I recd that money.
      Now I want to withdraw the rest of the money from my account, which is 13K . I requested this on the 21/1 and I am still yet to be paid. They now say they need a copy of the bank statement showing that the $1000 came out of my account. (which it didnt, as it was deposited over the counter at a branch, as above) I explain this to them, so now they want a copy of the receipt from Oct last year. Obviously, I do not have this receipt anymore as there was no need to keep the receipt once the $1000 initial deposit went into my betting account.
      I have told Classicbet I do not have a 6 month old receipt, so they tell me I have to go to the branch and request a re-print of the receipt. I do this, but the bank tells me they are unable to do this.
      I tell Classicbet i cannot get a re-print, and they just fob me off and say I have to provide the receipt. The Bank teller is able to call up their bank account and can see my deposit with my reference on it so its clearly gone in.
      Classicbet wont put my calls through to the guy in accounts, to find out what else I can do to get paid, as he doesnt take calls (Laughable)
      Does anyone have a suggestion as to what i do now.



      anyone else had similar experience, appreciate any help as to how to move forward on this.



      Sorry to hear about that bro. Classicbet are trying to pull a ‘classic’
      Maybe deposit again from your card? This may clear up and security concerns?
      Good luck bro



      Report them to the NTRC ombudsman. Will get a solution quickly.



      ^ spot on. Explain exactly what happened, how they are stalling now and not answering your calls pretty much ignoring you.

      They will help you out.

      Playup are a bunch of thieves.

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