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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Crownbet.
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      Crown seem to either keep giving me the wrong amount for promos (always less) or more commonly not at all… They are normally fairly small amounts as their promos for sport are quite limited so first instinct is to let it go but if that happens as much as it is then you may as well be promo banned anyway right? Example is last night AFL RIch v Adel double winnings up to $30 i had $120 on Rich won just over 150… minus stake = 30 doubled = 60, so $30 bonus right? they gave me $7.80?!



      Your understanding of the promo is wrong. They will give you double winnings on your first $30, not upto $30. So Richmond odds were $1.25, then max bonus is $30 × $1.25 = 37.5. But its just double winnings, so $37.5 – $30= $7.50.
      You should use this promo on the underdog as the winnings for the first $30 staked will be more than on the fave.



      Yeah always go the roughie with this promo. Best to factor in the promo to the price, and make a profit regardless. Assuming you are just betting the $25, double the odds and take away 1. That’s the effective odds you are getting with that promo. It should create a decent arb, and you make money regardless.



      thanks guys, yeah figured out that they have changed the wording.. it was double winnings UP TO $30… now its for the first $30 staked…. stingy fucks… cheers



      I thought it’s always been the first $30 staked.



      i put a bet on tim membrey to be first goal scorer and he kicked the second. the promo they had was paying out first and second goal kickers as winners so i should’ve been paid as a winner. but on my bet transactions it says its a loss? Should i call up and ask or give it more time?



      Give it some more time. Tbh i would be cautious of even calling up. What is your promo to non promo ratio like? Been hitting a lot of mugs?



      Hey Deebo. I had the same bet. I dropped them an email and they fixed it pretty quick. I also placed a heap of mug bets just before i sent the email to be on the safe side.



      haven’t been hitting any mugs but will be sure to this wk



      yeh make sure you focus on them @deebo. As important as the money making methods!



      Hey guys whats your thoughts on this… I’ve been using my wife’s crown bet account since i lost my promos a while back. Ive been doing a fair bit of betting in it a really good mix of sport and racing with plenty of (losing) multis to boot. I just wanted to trim the balance a bit so went to make a withdrawl. And it didnt go through and when i went to resubmit it, it says contact customer service….

      Now its possible that it isnt something sinister but of course it could be? Ive always used the account on epic browser or private browsing on my mobile, have only made one initial deposit into it (with her debit card) and also tried to withdrawl to an account i havent used before.

      The account isnt new and was migrated to Crown way back when Easy bet were around so its not like i just lost my promos and then swapped to a brand new account in her name…

      Also the account still seems to have full functionality, well betting wise anyway…

      thoughts? Im a bit worried at the thought of trying to coach her up for the customer service chat…



      I’d imagine wilko that if they thought you were up to no good then a lot of the functions would have been severely hampered. They cut people off at the drop of a hat when they are suspicious. I doubt they would just continue to let you use the account with full access, if they thought something was up.



      yeah thats a good point… maybe it was a mistake with the bank details? i might just try online chat with them see if i can resolve it…



      @gunbarrelstraight You’d think that, but bookies can be cunts sometimes.

      I had a mate who deposited in to his wifes betting account with hsi credit card. The bookies should have been able to know this at that very point. They let him bet for months. When he went to withdraw some winnings, they said he’d violated the t&c’s by depositing from a source not in her name and were only going to refund his deposit, not payout the winnings.

      Now if he’d lost all his money, do you think they would have refunded him his deposit?

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