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      Hey all looking at putting up my first initial bet in the next few days or this w/e! Exciting times ahead can’t wait to get fully into matched betting!

      I think Evan recommended that I go bookie vs bookie first up

      Feel free to offer advise, Thanks all



      hey legend, indeed! Big moves to be made this year 😉

      For sure. Bookie v Bookie to start off with!

      EPL is the best place to look for Turnovers this week.

      Sus this email out i sent everyone

      “When starting out, it’s important to FOCUS. The reason most can’t get their heads around this methodology of betting is cause they an unaware on how to dissect this investment inside out and turn it into a pure money making machine on auto pilot. Where to start, how to approach it, what to do, when to do it, what to worry about when Matched Betting. There are a lot of unknown variables for the average person who begins on their Matched Betting journey, and it’s the exact reason The Elites System was designed. We dissect everything you need to know about this investment through a Four Week Course which is structured to maximize both your profits and accounts life.
      Eg/ When you first start Matched Betting, you don’t want to focus on the money making side of things. You want put yourself in the right mindset to begin with. You are about to make a shit ton of money, get mentally prepared for it. You then need to focus on Sustainability – the most important aspect of a Matched Bettor. Most fail to understand that the longer your accounts are open, the more profits you will make in the long run. By keeping all your accounts open for an extra 2-3 weeks, you will pay off our system in full. You can expect your accounts lifes to last from 1-2 years by following our sustainability advise- according to history of our clients. Compare it to the average Matched Bettor, they last around 1-3 months before most their accounts are banned. It’s extremely obvious for the bookmakers to pick out Matched Bettors who don’t know what there doing. The next thing you do after understanding sustainability is learning about Bonus Turnovers, then you go into the data and statistics side, then the Sports Promos, Then the Middles, then the Horse Promos, then the Boosts, then the….i could go on for days. But you get the point, everything needs to be learn in parts.
      So let’s say you are unable to invest in our system, this is what you should do.
      Firstly, i am going to share with you this exclusive video which gives you 10 hot tips on sustainability. Nothing like the Sustainability course in The Elites System, but it will defiantly put you a step ahead of the curve.> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uU8XlcYlv4
      The next thing you want to do is start claiming Bonus Bets and turning them into profit with a 0% Risk. All you need to do now is download this ebook > https://profitkings.wpengine.com/free-ebook/
      That will teach you how to turn over Bonus Bets. Watch the video at the bottom of http://www.thecashkings.com.au and register for an account so you can duplicate that exact process.
      These videos will also help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWcODnj2Ps8&t(Turning Over Your Bonus Bets on EPL **RECOMMENDED TIME FOR THIS**) Teaches you how to turn over Bonus Bets with W/D/L – 3 Way Markets.
      Second issue you will have after turning over your Bonus Bets “HOW DO I MAKE MY CASH BALANCE WITHDRAWABLE” This video will help you with that > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2tAVwz9xsY&t=561s
      Now i have only 2 pieces of advice for you from here. If you want to learn how to make this a viable source of income and learn how to make the most money possible from doing this, The Elites System is a no brainer. We have just over 700 Clients in the system, and 300+ Clients reached the 10K club with our system in the first 1.5 Years of operation. Those who dedicate their time to learning the process (which takes a bit at the start, but once you understand it….it’s a machine making you money on autopilot) will no doubt 10x their investment.
      Secondly, if you can’t invest, F O C U S on what i said above. Watch the Sustain Vid > Download Ebook > Focus on signing up to bookies then turning there bonus bets into Risk Free Cash > Learn how to make cash balance withdrawable. Disregard everything else! Get past this first hurdle, then we can start getting into the real money making methods! Take action this year brothers and sisters. These bookies are not going to know what hit them.

      Any help be sure to reach out to us

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