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      Hi guys,

      I just came across this site. It’s all very intriguing, and I’ll probably download some of the stuff and have a look, but one question I have is ….. is it worth the investment in time and money? Assuming you sign up to all the bookmakers in the country, what sort of profits can one expect to make long term by following all the methods outlined on this site? Does anyone have any real world figures as to how much they’ve made and how long it’s taken them to make that money?

      My old BF used to make a little bit of money off some bookmaker promos, but he got banned very quick. I’m assuming this is par for the course while making money, but once you get banned, realistically how much more money can you make?





      Hi Louise.

      It certainly is worth the time. Seeing from $500 – $1000 a week from Matched Betting is very achievable.

      You see the bonus turnover method is a very short term method. It is only used to get the bankroll rolling. After that the focus turns to the long term methods ~ sports/racing promotions, boosts, middles and then onto general arbitrage itself (after you have been banned from promotions).

      On that note – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uU8XlcYlv4 watch this video. It is a minor level sustainability course. Being banned from the bookies is inevitable- but by taking some of the precautions outlined in this video, you should except to see the life of your account last for a substantial amount of time. We have had members with us from the start who are still going (nearly a year now)

      Once you get banned from promotions, you can then start indulging into some general arbitrage. sports/racing is the way to go. It is outlined all in the Elite Course. But generally if you are smart the way you do your Matched Betting, you should not be having to worry about arbitrage for some time. Seeing $25k in the first year is MORE THEN ACHIEVABLE with the elites course.

      Start with the bonus basher book and let us know if you need any assistance.



      Thanks for the response.

      I’m a little confused when you talk about these profits being “risk free” though. Isn’t there still an element of risk in matched betting? If I bet on some horses with a 2nd-3rd money back special, and then lay those horses (I’m still getting my head around BetFair), but none of the horses come 2nd or 3rd, won’t I actually have lost money? So isn’t there still an element of risk/gambling to it? I’ve seen people talk about losing $10 when laying the horse, so if I bet on 10 races and all the horses don’t come second or third, then wouldn’t I have gambled away $100 and actually be down in money? Or am I missing something.





      Yes that is a possibility, however it is very unlikely this would happen. You usually tend to make your money back pretty fast. I personally made about 500 from sports last week so if it turns out to lose 10 races straight then I’ve still profited 400.



      Also the 10 dollar loss is also if you aren’t patient enough it can be smaller. There’s more knowledge in the elites course though. It helped me out a heap



      You’re right. Technically speaking matched betting/promo bagging isn’t really risk free. Not it the true sense of the term, especially compared to something like arbing, which is a risk free profit regardless of the result.

      To me matched betting is a technique where good promos allow you to increase the odds in your favour so that over time, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

      Try and think of it like a coin toss. If someone was to offer you $1.50 if your selection of heads or tails came up, well you might get lucky in the short term, but over time, the expected odds compared to odds being offered will mean you’ll lose. That’s betting without promos.

      But if someone was to offer you $3 if your selection came up, in this case maybe you might have some early losses, but the 3-1 return far outweighs the expected odds of 2-1, so you should come out ahead in the long run. That’s betting with promos.

      So each individual bet is not risk free, but as long as you have enough capital to overcome any periods of loss, especially at the start while building a bank roll, then I’d almost guarantee you’ll come out ahead in the not too distant future.

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