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      Firstly, welcome to The Cash Kings Arbitrage.
      We are not your regular punters here at Cash Kings. We are ‘those blokes who never lose’. Although we do not recommend gambling, everyone is welcome here in our Forums. Weather you are a Matched Bettor, Arber, punter or even trader.
      The purpose of these forums is to

      1. Make Profits for the members
      2. Exchange ideas (we all know that knowledge is key in this game)
      3. Assist one another when help is needed

      By experience, we know how valuable information is when it comes to Matched Betting. Simple words from individuals have led me to making thousands of extra profits before!

      Back to point 1.. MAKING PROFITS FOR THE MEMBERS.
      We know larger profits can be achieved when we all come together to exchange our experiences, knowledge and assistance to others.

      So please respect this forum and what it stands for. We look forward to helping you guys with your Matched Betting journeys.

      – Treat all members with respect. No racism, deformation or bullying will ever be tolerated in these forums.

      – No Spamming. By spamming we mean posting irrelevant content and information which is advertising something not related to The Cash Kings. The customer support team has the right to remove comments if they believe something falls in the category of ‘spam’. Please contact the support team if you are wanting to promote something outside Cash Kings.

      – There will be no room in these forums for the topic of multi-accounting. We do not recommend breaking the rules bookmakers have in place.

      – Try not to sound like Gordon Ramsay in this forum. Although swearing is not completely banned – keep it to minor swear words.

      – No hacking or illegal activity (eg/ Torrents & Illegal downloads.)

      – Do not post inappropriate material!

      – No discussions around advanced trading strategies. These threads will be terminated and the individual posting will get a warning.

      We like to assume that the rules are very clear and easy to follow. They are in place to ensure The Cash Kings community is a fun, but more importantly SAFE place to be.

      If any of the above rules are broken, the admins have the right to terminate your account and ban you from this community. ( Warnings will more then likely be given several times before a ban is issued )

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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