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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Ladbrokes.
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      Do ladbrokes notify if you have been promo banned ?



      They should do. They sent me a warning first then promo banned me a couple of months later.



      They don’t always send emails out. Sometimes they will just cut you without giving a notification. Ladbrokes are harsh on promo bans so would not surprise me if they banned you without warning no warning. Sometimes you may get the benefit of the doubt as Stealth did.



      I got $550 in bonus bets when going through the link for a 500 deposit! not complaining!! What would you split it up into?



      Depends on your bank roll and how many other bookies you’ve signed to to really. If you have a decent bank roll and a fair number of bookies, go larger. If you don’t go smaller.

      I prefer larger as it means less work. Find one or two good bets where lads have higher odds than most other bookies, and it’s all done easily. But if you are going to put a $500 bonus on a 6/7/8-1 bet, you need some decent coin to put the counter/lay bet on.

      Smaller will mean you’ll need to find more good bets, but you won’t need as much coin on the counter/lay bet.



      What is the best link to sign up for ladbrokes?



      h ttps://profitkings.wpengine.com/bookmakers-index/
      Scroll to bottom then right. You can find all the sign up links there 🙂
      Deposit $500, get $550 in Bonus Bets!



      After the bulldogs (AFL) got up on Friday night I now have $1306.25 in my ladbrokes account from a $250 bonus bet. What should I do to make this available for withdrawal in the future?



      You just need to turn it over now! Refer to here for bookmaker turnover requirements.


      Essendon are @ $2 LADBROKES
      Hawthorn are @ $2 CROWNBET

      $1306.25 Lads
      $1306.25 Crownbet

      Now you have met the turnover requirements as you have staked through your bonus winnings x1 above $1.01 odds.

      **Ladbrokes may make you turn over x2 above $1.01 odds. Which means you would need to turn over $2612.50 before you can withdraw the full amount



      Is it ok to sign up through Ladbrokes owned sites like Betstar and Bookmaker.com.au and claim bonuses? Seems like a way to get banned from all 3.



      Only do 1 of them (LADBROKES). They will give you the best bonus. You can maybe try again with either of the other 2 later in the future.

      Also be aware, neds are now owned by Ladbrokes – so don’t dutch between them two.



      Betstar is offering the same next 3 bets matched up to $400. I haven’t deposited yet, should I go for it?



      Just a heads up on ladbrokes boys. The last 12 months since I have had an account with them I have laid 129 bets with no promo attached, and laid 50 bets with a promo attached. 6098 bucks has been laid on those non promo bets and 2525 on promo bets but still got the promo ban today. I keep a table of all my accounts as a means to make sure I don’t abuse promos. Just giving everyone a heads up on ladbrokes as they are very strict and to use your promotions wisely! One of the worst bookies I’ve ever seen.



      evcouta – you mentioned that neds is owned by ladbrokes.
      Is there a list of which bookies not to dutch between?

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