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      Hi all, was wondering if there were any tips when it comes to mug betting?



      Hey mate @sirfluffkin

      Firstly, make sure you have watched the minor account sustainability course which covers this topic > https://elitesystem.wpengine.com/minor-sustainability-course/

      One of the best ways to get mug-bets on your accounts, is to place non-promo bets when dutching sport promos. It essentially hits two birds with one stone. So for instance whenever Promos Paradise dutches with a bookie that DOESN’T have a promo, feel free to switch that to another bookie that you want to place a mug-bet with.

      More non-promo bets and mug-multis will be coming to Promos Paradise over the coming weeks, which should also help with your account sustainability.

      Another way is with horse racing, you can usually easily back & lay short priced favourites for only a few dollars loss. Make sure there is no promo on that race you want to bet on (check the promos page), then simply watch the back to lay odds around 2-minutes out from jump and you will often get some close matches (back to lay odds).

      Hope this helps!

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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