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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Neds.
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      Hahaha Neds… Be sure to not do anything ‘suspicious’ and you can withdraw after 1xbonus winnings. Otherwise its 4x. Very very strange terms and conditions.



      Neds.com.au Free Review + Bonuses

      You have to bet the $500 before you get the bonus. So bet $500 and cover it elsewhere for a minimal lose!

      If you want to be safe, after depositing the bonus call them and ask “hey where is my bonus?!” They will tell you that you have to bet the $500 first. Always good getting confirmation from them in case your first $500 bet wins and account fattens up (they may be like hey your from an ineligible states etc..)

      People have had issues with neds before so bet with caution. Don’t turn the bonus over then try withdraw – leave it in the account for a bit.




      I am wanting to get the deposit $50 get $150 bonus.

      Even when I click the deposit offer through one of those special links, underneath the bonus code it says ‘ excludes VIC SA NSW WA.

      This makes me a bit hesitant due to being from VIC.
      Will I still be able to get the bonus ?



      i suggest doing the $500 dollar one. If you don’t have enough funds for it – wait till you do. No point in wasting a sign up offer on something smaller! remember we can only cash in on theses bonuses once. So make the most out of all of them 🙂

      And yes still works for VIC. just call them like i said above to confirm!



      has anyone had any issues with neds??? my friend told me they are dodgy. Is this true? wanted to get a bonus with them but a bit scared now



      Yeh they are haha bunch of rawts. I have not heard any issues recently other then quick bannings. They went through a stage where they were closing individuals accounts down and asking for all sorts of documents. Reason for this is cause when they launched they got hot heads trying to take market control and were throwing all sorts of promotions out – while legit no one monitored them. I boosted every night for 2 months straight around and honestly paid for a few holidays in that time. Was a joke… boosts from 1.1 straight to 1.3 $1000 on that boom. $200 on avg each night easily i would say.

      Anyway they got hit HARD and decided to try and recoup some of those losses back – standard scum bookie move.

      Like i said though, i have not heard of any serious issues since late/early this year. If they kept that up no one would ever want to bet with them again..

      go for it mate – just make sure you keep money in there for a bit and DON’T ABUSE PROMOTIONAL MARKETS.

      As you can see above they don’t like it at all (terms and conditions posts).

      But please don’t disregard them… i would love nothing more then for you to make a few thousand of neds 🙂

      Kill em! (but be smart about it)



      Neds held my money for over 3 months. They asked for my bank statements with nothing covered, asked me to sign a stat dec, asked for every possible form of identification you can think of. I don’t recommend!



      Bet the $500, then live chat them. No need to call them up before hand. Just act confused on the chat asking how to activate your bonus bets from the promotion. I am from VIC and can confirm this works!






      I read in other the other forum people get banned from neds easily
      is there a way to keep it safe with neds and not get banned? Acquired a 250 bonus recently best way to play?



      This will help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uU8XlcYlv4&t

      But Neds are as low as they come. Just don’t abuse promos with them. Keep it to 60% normal 40% promo. And turn it over as you normally would! I suggest racing



      I took the promo for EPL – back a team in round 1 to get a bonus to put on the epl winner market… I backed Chelsea to beat huddersfield ($50)
      I straight away got the bonus and went to put it on Chelsea (who i saw as overs – i hate chelsea… COYG!) But neds said the payout was too high or something like that?! my only options were to use the bonus on liverpool or city…. thats pretty shit right? for the record i took liverpool..



      Yeah that’s pathetic by them. One of the worst bookies I’ve dealt with. I personally mind them much worse than points bet. Anyone who goes through the forums knows the wrap pointsbet has




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