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      When it comes to Matched Betting, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Use this thread to ask anything you are having trouble with



      What happens if it is a draw in AFL? i have a bet on for todays game, but there is no option for draw on the agencies?



      If there is no option for the draw that means its a 2-way market (win or lose) and if its a draw you will either get your money back or be paid half the profits depending on the agency (have to read their terms & conditions).



      Is there a link to current initial deposit bonus offers?



      There are a few links in these threads >> https://profitkings.wpengine.com/forums/forum/reload-bonuses/

      Tonight i will have the links set on our Bookie Info Sheet >> https://profitkings.wpengine.com/bookmakers-index/ if you head to the bottom table and scroll to the far right, it will be there a bit later on!



      Unsure of how to go about using my initial deposit through bets. For example deposited $200 into BlueBet to get the $200 worth of bonuses currently used $150 worth of bonuses and bet $100 of my deposit on Port Adelaide to beat Gold Coast @1.13 and layed it off on Betfair @1.18, not sure if that was the right move was just thinking of the turnover. Was wondering the right way and order perhaps to go about using deposits and bonuses.



      Firstly, read the t&c’s of all bookies you sign up to, especially in regards to bonuses.

      Your $100 AFL bet isn’t going to count towards any turnover requirements at BlueBet. The min odds are $1.50. You just lost $5 on that lay bet for no real reason.

      Personally, for H2H sports bets like that, I wouldn’t lay the bet on BetFair. BetFair don’t care what you bet on. I’d bet on the other side of the bet at another bookie. They do care what you bet on, so doing so will get a few mug punter bets on your account.



      yeh that is the right process, but 1.13 to 1.18 is pretty far away. Use sports punter >> https://www.sportspunter.com.au
      Look for values on the side which are below 102%.

      Try find values which are simiilar, eg $1.9 and 1.95. 1.8 and 2.2. 1.6 2.4 etc. 1.5 to …etc. Sometimes you may only need to turn over your initial deposit at odds above 1.01, in that case you can just hit a $1.2 favourite and then back the other side on the suggested bookmaker.

      Lets use this as an example >> https://www.sportspunter.com.au/sports-betting/aussie-rules/australia/afl/match-betting/west-coast-vs-richmond/
      Lets say we claimed a $500 Bonus Bet with Crownbet, and we have $500 real money sitting in there.
      Richmond are 1.92 on Crownbet
      Westcoast are 2.02 on Palmerbet/Madbookie

      We then head to this calc >> “2 way Dutching Calc” setting” https://profitkings.wpengine.com/calculator/#/dutching-2way/dutching-2way

      It tells us to place $500 on Richmond, and $475 on Wescoast. We lose $15 unlocking the money, but in the process of turning the bonus over made anywhere from $350 – $420.

      Hope this made sense



      Use this sheet to help you with the initial sign up deposit turnover requirements/bonus >> https://profitkings.wpengine.com/bookmakers-index/

      & what OXY is saying is spot on. Cover with other bookies to try keep the bonus/normal bet ratio high throughout the accounts. He has had 6 years experience with matched betting and has left a lot of good content throughout these forums. Have a geez when you get some time and you are certain to learn more.



      Ahh I thought if it wasn’t a bonus bet like actual cash I deposited it didn’t have to meet any minimum odds requirement. Will have a look through all of the info shortly, thank you!



      Most, if not all, bookies will put min odds on the deposit turnover. as well as bonuses or winnings from bonuses, or both.

      t&c’s are the key. Don’t sign up and deposit until you read and understand them. Otherwise you’ll be playing right in to the bookies hands.



      Fully get it now, thanks for the help!



      Curious on how to go about Monday-Thursday bets, do you recommend NBA and soccer games? Also not sure what my next move should be, I have
      $40 in neds
      $0 in sportsbet
      $200 in BlueBet
      $470 in Betfair
      $140 in WilliamHill

      Would you recommend cashing out some to put towards another bookie sign-up bonus or maybe withdrawing and distributing the money between the bookies better?



      I’ve been given this offer by Unibet, but I don’t really understand the 3rd dot point.
      Is this worth it?



      So if you deposited $100, you end up with $100 in your contributed money and $50 in your bonus money.

      If you put a $100 stake on a $2 bet all of it would come from your contributed money, and any winnings would go back in there.

      If you put a $150 stake on a $2 bet, $100 would come from the contributed money and $50 from the bonus money. If it won, you’d end up with $200 in your contributed money and $100 in your bonus money.

      You can’t access the bonus money until you had put $100 worth of bets on with it though. I.e 2x turnover of original bonus money.

      Yes, it’s worth it. UniBet is good because the stake is included in their bonuses so it’s just like betting with real cash.

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