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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Pointsbet.
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      If you are from an ineligible state singing up for Pointsbet, Make an account via this link https://www.justhorseracing.com.au/reviews/pointsbet

      Don’t deposit what it says. Call them up after and say you are looking to deposit some money for a bonus offer and was wondering what the best they could do was. (they will not talk to you about bonus offers unless you have an account). They should offer you around $500 in Bonus Bets. If they don’t, hold off a few days and they will text you a $300 offer or something similar to that.

      Another way you could go about it is call them before making the account, then ask them if they have a $500 bonus available. They will tell you they are unable to discuss bonus offers till you have an account. Make an account straight away then call back 😉



      ok ignore that they have changed recently. 50% match up to $250 in Bonuses



      Pointsbet have dropped there NRL promo to 100. Didnt even realise.



      Does pointsbet pay out promos to nsw ?



      yep @bencutler but they will ban quick. Almost a guarantee. I would suggest staying away from promos for the first week or two. Let the account settle in and get some normal bets going through it (arb it on betfair or cover on another bookie). Then start bringing the promos in



      We’re writing to inform you that we’ve made an update to your account following excessive use of PointsBet promotions.

      PointsBets products and promotions are intended for members who bet for recreation and entertainment purposes, and based on your current betting behaviour our records show that there has been a disproportionate use of promotions on your account. As such, your account will no longer be eligible for PointsBet promotions for the time being.

      Everything else remains the same – your account will remain active for you to continue to enjoy. Your account will be reviewed again in the coming weeks, and any restrictions can be removed based on your betting activity.



      That’s the standard PointsBet welcome email. Everyone gets it 😀



      Bugger…Just got my points bet promo ban. Despite skipping promos, not doing max bets on the promotions and even dabbling in some spread betting. Co-incidently it was right after i made a Withdrawl.

      This email serves as notice that your account will no longer be eligible to receive PointsBet promotions, as defined in our Promotional Terms and Conditions.

      PointsBet promotions are intended for recreational punters. Members deemed by PointsBet to not be participating in the spirit of the promotion will not be eligible for refunds or bonuses. PointsBet reserves the right to make this promotion unavailable to Members considered to be abusing the promotion by any means.

      PointsBet terms and conditions can be found via the below link:


      Kind Regards



      Don’t worry. Natural for them to ban anyone who signs up with them! how long did you last ?



      Lasted about 10 weeks. Good news though…. they will review my account down the line..LOL



      I got about 10 weeks as well. My mate got two bets in and got the ban hammer.



      10 weeks is solid. Most members drop out within 2 so you did well there. This was bound to happen so the fact that you lasted 10 weeks means you are doing something right. Apply what you are doing with Pointsbet to other bookies and you should be lasting for a while. Remember – long term profits is key! Don’t go chasing weekly profits like most gooses in this game.



      What do you recommend now Calvin. Do i continue doing the odd bet with pointsbet or not bother?
      Also just got a warning from ubet…again right after i withdrew some cash. Trying to top on cryto. How do make your withdrawls, do you do smaller amounts over a longer period time, or try and go through betfair?



      I’ve never seen a bookie re-instate promos or unrestricted people. You could arb/middle pointsbet now, and either make some cash from them and/or actually see if they will re-instate your promos.

      How long have you been betting with Ubet? What sort of ratio of promos to non promos? How much did you try and withdraw, both in real dollar terms and % of your account balance?

      Ubet used to be really lenient, because they were all old school bricks and mortar type bookies, not really online savvy. I smashed their promos for years, and then even when I got warned, they told me I had a 3 month grace period before they would ban me from promos, so in that time, seeing the writing was on the wall, I didn’t even bet on another non promo. Sure enough to their word, 3 months later they banned me from promos.

      But times have changed. TabCorp bought them out, and I have it on good authority they were astonished at how poor the Ubet systems were to stop arbers/matched bettors. So they have started using their own systems, which my experience if TAB is far more advanced than Ubet ever was.

      You can try “losing” money to BetFair, but I’ve found it’s a bit of a fallacy, at least in the long term. Sure you might lose some bets in the short term, mainly by betting on some longer odds bets, but sooner or later you’re going to win one, and just transfer all that cash back to Ubet, and in doing so look like you just had a massive win to Ubet.

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