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      Elite odds can still be used if promo banned as I saw? Got the axe last week 🙁



      Not for long though. You’ll have a max stake limit set to $0 soon enough on the elite odds.



      did they restrict your elite odds OXY? how many bets you get in with them



      Yeah. I only got about 2 Elite Odds bets in after I was promo banned. I don’t think I ever bet on an Elite Odds before I was promo banned either. My Elite Odds bets have always been manually reviewed rather than instantly accepted (not sure if that’s the same for others). The last one I tried last weekend got reviewed, but rejected. And now it just says my max stake allowed is $0 if I try and bet on any.

      Looking at the way they banned promos, it’s hardly surprising Elite Odds would follow a similar path. Advertise the fuck out of them, but then essentially ban people from betting on them



      So I’ve been avoiding signing up with Pointsbet due to all the negativity and obviously their quickness to shut down accounts, and have been instead using other agencies to spread bets on Calvin’s Promos of the Day. However it’s costing me some payouts (eg I’ve missed the NM payout for lead by 20+ points as i went with Sportsbet (24+) and thinking I might have to bite bullet and join. Would this be recommended? Or just keep using other places?



      They’re fine to sign up to. Just expect to get promo banned quite quickly, and be back in the same position of having to swap out PointsBet for another agency. I actually wonder how many people are able to get returns from the promo of the day when it includes PointsBet.



      I was able too today OXY. Out of curiosity how often were you guys betting on markets with payout promotions? I’ve been with them most of the year and am still going ok. Touchwood that doesn’t change soon.



      Thanks for reply. Might just bite the bullet and sign up, I have a few agencies to jump onto now I’m got a bankroll going. Sorry to be a pain but just out of interest (as have done a bit of research) what is Pointsbet sign up offer? seen a few different… 50% up to $250 free? ie deposit 500 to get 250? and is a code required?
      Have also seen that the turnover requirements must be used on spread betting, is this correct or have they changed?




      As of now, best offer i know of is the deposit $500 get $250 in Bonus Bets. Make an account, then call up asking about what offers they can give you. You should get offered the 500 for 250.

      As for turnover requirements, it never used to be on spread betting. I am unsure if that was always in the Terms and conditions, or it’s something new that has been added. Be sure to ask about that once they have offered you the 500 for 250.



      Cheers guys, the spread betting turnover might not be the case, the info I saw on another website could be wrong.



      You can get $500

      ht tps://pointsbet.com/new-account/promo-bonus500ne?utm_source=xtend&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=news_australia



      has anyone had problems with the verification process.
      i received an email saying that i need to fill out a form and have an authorised person sign it.
      before this i made a withdrawal without any hassles.



      Has anyone had any luck getting their ban lifted? It’s my turn to receive the inevitable ban hammer even though besides the promos of the day I haven’t used any of their promotions which I am hoping I could use as an arguing point. Going to be a massive pain trying to replace them :/



      Seems like PointsBet go through with the broom every Monday and promo ban people. There’s been a few on here today.

      Have you been using all the promos of the day that include PointsBet?



      I have been using all the promos yeah. Otherwise no other promos like enhanced odds or the like. I called them up politely and just asked what is it about my bets that make me look like I’m taking advantage of them because on my betting statement they’re all just head to head bets that I could put on with any other bookie, its their choice to pay me out early after all. I’m going to keep putting the bets on with them despite not having any incentive in the hopes that they review it to see I’m still loyal and lift it as the customer service rep says they do that from time to time but will give it a couple of weeks and if its still in place I will call it quits with them

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