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      To anyone thinking of getting their mrs to sign up to pointsbet i would definitely think twice about it. My mrs signed up 3 days ago and has already been hit with a promo ban and required to provide verified documents to prove her identity. Just had a lengthy discussion with them and they are not willing to help out one bit. She still has $250 worth of bonus bets which expire in a few days and has been locked out of her account. Just be very careful those of you who are thinking about doing this. Personally i dont think its worth the hassle



      Hey guys I’ve noticed today the 2.50 special on the autumn sun into winx won’t take a stake greater than 6.66

      Is this for everyone or are they on to me?



      You’ve been flagged. You’ll be limited on most markets now, and that special is also taking that limit in to account. Anyone that is not limited can bet $50 on it, so you’re fairly limited in terms of overall %.



      Just got promo banned from pointsbet. Called and spoke to one rude customer service agent – kept cutting me off when i speam

      I told him i bet on other games, when he wes proven wrong he got all defensive.

      I asked for supervisor or managee, and he says hes the most senior. I feel bad for a company if that young person is the senior haha



      haha they all talk shit over at Pointsbet mate. Rawtz lol



      So I just go the promo ban. Have any of you heard of anybody’s ban getting uplifted?

      Is there any other way of opening another account and not get detected etc?



      I just got my promo abuse warning from Pointsbet today. Are there any markets that Pointsbet offers decent odds on that I can use for small +/- mug bets? When I compare them on most AFL/NRL markets, they are far below other books.



      Have a look at the line bets @fyourcouch

      Can maybe form some middle bets.

      Horses would also be a great option come tmz. Stay away from the races with promos on them, and do a far few non promo backs/lays for a small QL.

      I would avoid using promos on Pbet for 2 weeks or so and just get some mugs going through the account. Once done, start hitting promos again with a 60% to 40% non promo to promo ratio. To be even safer, 70 – 30%.



      Pointsbet usually offers competitive odds on AFL & NRL games that don’t have promotions attached to them (Saturday-Sunday games). Keep an eye out on these two sports on the weekend and use the below two websites to find low qual mug-bets.

      > https://www.odds.com.au/
      > https://www.sportspunter.com.au/betting?function=home

      You can also back and lay the first try-scorer market on NRL games if you can get a good match which usually isn’t hard close to the start of the game. Even the margin markets for both AFL & NRL games work for me, you just need to look closer to the start of the match and hope for enough liquidity in the market.

      Also, horse racing is super easy to get good matches on, choose any race that doesn’t have a promo attached to it and has a short odds-fave running and then try to get a match on that.

      And of course, middle bets for the handicap and total match points market work perfect if you can find a nice gap.

      Hope this helps!



      That is a great help, thanks!

    Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)

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