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      Ive just had a week in promos paradise and are pretty much up 200 and didnt even have any big hits.. Just wondering about the switch to elite and how different it is from bonus bashers. As ive already deposited 2k into accounts if i moved to elite would I have to deposit any further or should I be right to go and does it include any larger bets or is it still smaller amounts?



      hey mate well done on the start!

      Elites is completely different to both bonus basher and promos paradise. Bonus basher just focuses on Sign Up bonuses. It is a very short term play which is used to get the bankroll pumping. We actually tell Elites not to follow the methods in that ebook and turn bonuses over on racing as it is MUCH more profitable. You can expect 80-100% returns on avg with Horses when it comes to bonus turnovers. Promos Paradise is more a tool used to ignite the content in the Elites System. It does not teach you any knowledge, just acts as a time saver. Calvins Promos is 1 of the 11 methods from the Elites System (Sports Promos). The ebook and Promos Paradise combined is around 5-10% of what we offer. In short, the system will teach you the every element which forms the perfectly engineered Matched Betting system. I would not recommend it unless you are serious about taking this up to the next level. Those who want higher and more consistent long term gains join up the system.

      The Elites System is a 4 week program which has been perfectly engineered to help you get the MOST out of your Matched Betting career. It took us 4 years of trial and error to perfectly craft this system. Here is a rough summary i have on a word doc which explains what the system provides:

      We have the proven process which not only will maximize your profits and opportunities, but will keep your accounts flying under the radar. This is a game of cat and mouse. The bookmakers are NOT fans of what we do. They have systems in place which help finding Matched Bettors like ourselves, and the systems are far from “cheap”, therefore we use a predictable, proven process. Don’t leave it up to chance. We’re certain our system will keep filling your pockets in a the most sustainable way possible. We are the only service in the WORLD that focuses on sustainability, and that is because we treat each of our accounts as appreciating investments. We are in this for the long run.

      The Elites Course
      Australia’s #1 Step-by-step guides to turning over regular & consistent profits from your computer, as well as a consistently updated stream of the best Matched Betting methods. This course is going to teach you everything you have to know about Matched Betting methods. Imagine becoming an expert in your own field, then writing/recording every bit of knowledge you ever learnt over 4 years of experience, then putting it into a course in a simple to follow outline. In total, there are over 50 lessons, 10 modules, and 15+ videos in the course. It also includes a heap of extra bonus methods which are not related to Matched Betting.
      5 Matched Betting Methods
      6 Other Methods

      Advanced Sustainability Course
      It’s the main reason 95% of Matched Bettors fail to stay in the game longer than two months. They aren’t sustainable. A Matched Bettors main objective is not just profits; it’s to ensure all their accounts are operating, with no promotion bans or limit bans attached to them. The Advanced sustainability course will make sure you fly under the bookie’s radar while still being able to milk them for all their worth. It includes 5 modules, 25 secret tips which have been tested and proven to keep your accounts open longer, videos which show you to block out a certain web tool the bookies use to trace Matched Bettors, and how to treat this system as an appreciating investment. This course is just as important as the Elites Course, if not more important.

      Winning Community
      It’s hard to further your skills and knowledge when you limit your learning to yourself.
      With this system, you will have access to our exclusive Elites forum and VIP chat, and you will want to make sure you are logged in at all times on our chat. In the chat, you will find people just like YOU, who are achieving their level of financial freedom with this system Interaction is high from the early hours until the late. Advice, strategies, and tips are exchanged in order to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities & Profits.

      Expert Mentorship
      Most of the time, individuals think it’s a good idea to talk about Matched Betting with your friends who have never done it before. What experience have they had in the field? They’re probably not even in the Matched Betting game themselves. So, it’s probably a good idea to ask Matched Betting questions and talk about tactics/methods with people in our Elites community. This way you can make sure your knowledge bank is growing and in expert mentorship. Everyone needs solid, reliable advice when it comes to Matched Betting, but true experts are out of reach for most people. One bad move can lead to a loss which makes you look worse off then a mug punter, this is why it is extremely important to get advice from the experts in the field when it comes to this game. Individuals who give really good advice are expensive, and most of the time they will be out of reach. When you join our system, you get 100% access to The Cash Kings themselves. The only place you can find us giving our A+ info is in our Elites forum and chat. We answer every question, make videos when needed for students, and do live community group calls. This is how we can provide mentorship to anyone in our program.

      Week 1 :
       1. Elites Course: Elites Course Introduction
       2. Elites Course: IMPORTANT. Preparing Accounts For Promotions
       3. Sustainability Course: Why Be Sustainable?
       4. Sustainability Course: Understanding The Bookies And How They Understand You
       5. Sustainability Course: How to REALLY Block The Bookmakers
       6. Sustainability Course: The Standard Rules
       7. Sustainability Course: Appreciating Investments + Advanced Rules
       8. Elites Course: Bonus Turnovers Sport (Free Ebook Content)
       ? Questions: Live Q&A Calls

      Week 2:
       1. Elites Course: Promotions Sport
       2. Elites Course: Middle Bets Sport
       ? Questions: Live Q&A Calls

      Week 3:
       Elites Course: Welcome To Betfair
       Elites Course: Bonus Turnovers Horses ‘Turning Over Bonuses The Better Way’
       Elites Course: When Betting On The Place Market (Horses)
       Elites Course: Promotions Horses
       Elites Course: Boosting
       Elites Course: Maximising Your Opportunities & Profits
       Elites Course: The Elites Recording Sheet
       Elites Course: Summary
       ? Questions: Live Q&A Calls

      Week 4:
       Bonus #1: Intesting Payout Method Sports Promotions
       Bonus #2: Sports Arbitrage
       Bonus #3: Horse Arbitrage
       Bonus #4: Multi Offers
       Bonus #5: Tote Arbing
       ? Questions: Live Q&A Calls
       Extras

      Each of these topics go into a number of lessons. Eg/ There are around 7 lessons for the Middle Bets topic and 5 for the boosting.

      Learn how you want

      – Video Tutorials
      When you join the Elites System you get access to personal video tutorials that hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. Over 10 methods are taught in the system, and each one of them comes with a video.

      – Written Examples
      When you join the Elites System you also get access to numerous written examples. When it comes to these methods, it’s always good option to read and learn as it helps you understand the processes more in depth.

      If you would like more info on the System, click here and scroll down

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