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      Please use this thread to discuss potential reload offers you have seen

      Reload and loyalty bonuses are bonus money promotions that encourage customers to deposit more money. Every now and then agencies will send you deposit bonus money promotions to get you to bet more. Each agency has a risk management team that chooses who to send these promotions based on many factors such as:
      1. If you are betting/depositing frequently
      2. If you are losing money (losing bets)
      3. If you have been inactive for a while

      Always keep an eye on emails/advertisements and if you have been losing a lot or been inactive, it is always worth giving the agency a call and asking if they have any ‘loyalty bonuses’ available to you. Let them know you are keen to start getting on the ‘punt’ again 😉



      I was logging into all of my accounts to see which ones I had used for the initial sign up bonus.

      I logged into Ladbrokes them logged out, 30 minutes later I got a $200 matched deposit bonus. Just by logging in and out.



      yeah hahaha. If you have not logged into an agency for a while then all of a sudden log in then back out, it will trigger a signal that you are back and sometimes get those offers. How good



      Losing on Ladbrokes = heaps of bonus bets. Try lose the bonus and real money, and you are almost guaranteed to get something else in the near future

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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