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      Please use this thread to post any bonuses you were able to acquire from South Australia



      Unibet – yes (but you have to call them)
      ladbrokes – yes (but you have to call them)
      Sportsbet – yes (didnt need to call)
      pointsbet – yes (didnt need to call)
      william hill – no (couldnt get anything, even on the phone, they’re very strict)
      Crown bet – no (same as William Hill)

      Pretty much most of the good promos exclude SA



      Neds is also a no even with a phone call.



      I originally got a bonus sign up with neds but I think they pulled the pin on that very fast. Told my mate to join with them for this reason and it was gone.



      Being in SA, would it be worth getting on Calvin’s promos?



      You can still use them. Just have to substitute some of the agencies from time to time which is simple with the Sports Promotions Calendar



      Unibet just said no to my deposit match.



      try calling up and using the script from the Bonus Basher Ebook!



      When I signed up all I did was live chat them and ask nicely. I received a $300 one. That was like 4-5 months ago though, so don’t know if they changed their strictness on that sort of thing or not.



      hey guys, i am from SA, currently getting bonuses from ladbrokes, sportsbet, and tab sa exclusives.

      Are there any other books I can get bonuses from? Just asking again because the lasts posts are very old. Cheers!



      bonuses as in sign up bonuses? or like bonus back with racing etc?



      anything, but mainly bonus back.



      Bookies that I’ve found give bonus backs and pay out on their promos are the ones you’ve listed plus Neds, TABtouch, PlayUp, Pointsbet (they’re very touchy though, I got banned very quickly so make sure to be really sustainable), UniBet (they only seemed to give me the boost promos that they run, don’t think I received bonus backs from them) and bet365 (but they don’t offer bonus backs very much for SA, got one for the first time in ages last weekend). I’m just in the process of signing up to Bbet, Betstar, Sportsbetting, Topsport, Rob Waterhouse and Sportsbetting. Will let you know how I go with them. Pretty much all of them have offered sign up bonuses, so worth signing up to everything in your own time.



      Excellent thanks!

      I will have to get on to Neds and Tabtouch asap, they have a lot of nice bonuses for sport.



      Cheers for the help @danielmoore9

      Let us know how you go with the sign-ups and bonus bets @bigstepsmedia

      If you need anything else just get back to us here!

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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