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      G’day fellow elites,

      I’m in a few mug punting groups and have seen a couple of posts for a new bookie called https://m.southerncrossbet.com.au

      Just wondering if anyone has ever used them before and if they are trustworthy. Got a message from a bloke (I’m guessing he was an affiliate) saying he would hook me up with a deposit match but just wanted to see some other opinions first.



      Hey mate @barney1902

      Apologies about the late reply

      This is the first I have heard of them so we will need to look into them a bit more before having a say. As always though, tread lightly with these smaller/new bookies which often have higher turnover requirements which can mean it’s difficult to withdraw cash quickly.

      Have you used them yet and if so what’s your experience so far?



      I have not placed a bet with them yet, I did look into their turnover requirements, it basically doesn’t have one, no minimum odds.

      Nothing is mentioned about bonus turnover, which implies they don’t intend to give out bonuses, so this may be a pure arb/middle betting agency to use.

      “b. Southern Cross Bet requires that any deposit into a Client’s account be turned over at least once prior to authorising a withdrawal from the Client’s account.”




      Let me know how you go, I did recently see a punter complain in a Facebook group about his NRL bet taking over a day to get paid out with them.

      Would be careful not to deposit too much into these smaller bookies, you want to scope them out a bit before placing any large bets.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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