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      G’day have had a sportsbetting.com.au account for a while now and got a 50% deposit match up to $500, so free money basically.
      haven’t done any bets yet and just wondering people’s experiences using the bonus bets and withdrawing etc.



      @barney1902 Hey mate, good stuff getting a sign-up bonus with them!

      Our personal experience is that they have been completely fine with their bonus bets and withdrawing. We’ve spoken to members who bet thousands with them and withdraw without an issue, so our verdict is they seem fairly safe to bet with.



      Update with Sportsbetting, they’re now offering a boost feature for horse racing called the ‘surge’. They’re offering up to 4 ‘tokens’ per day.

      Some nice boosts available with them so make sure you’re using them from time to time!



      Hey guys, it looks like sportsbetting are no longer offering the deposit match of 50% 🙁



      @shack1 It seems as if Barney got his deposit match after holding an account for a while, as Sportsbetting tend not to offer one immediately after joining.



      Sorry to keep pestering with questions; Day off work and nothing better to do lol

      I had a 4 leg Multi on with Sportsbetting that got refunded, however they have made a mistake instead of giving me the $50 back (was a Draw no bet head to head, with one leg resulting in a draw – so all bets are refunded) they have credited my account with $100.
      Have I missed something or have they made an error. So bet was $50 – $100 was refunded.

      Do I,

      1. Spend the extra on a dutched bet before they notice
      2. Leave it for a bit and see if they notice
      3. Inform them and earn brownie points with them for being honest?



      Hey mate we answered this question in the comments section of promos paradise, how’d you end up going with it?



      Used and all good 🙂

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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