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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Topsport.
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      Topsport are no longer offering a $200 Bonus Bet anymore. Pretty much a useless bookie now



      TopSport Management found it necessary to remove our opening deposit bonus due to a number of syndicates taking advantage of the offer by opening multiple accounts without any legitimate interest in wagering. Whilst a Bonus Bet will not generate against an opening deposit, we will however, be rewarding genuine clients with a “loyalty bonus” following an initial monthly review of their account activity. This bonus will apply at the sole discretion of Management who will have no hesitation in rewarding genuine clients including yourself.

      Management is of the belief that TopSport’s unique product range, highest betting limits in the nation, along with our personalised service is more appealing to potential clients than some nominal matching, opening deposit bonus bet which generally carries multiple turnover requirements.



      I disagree they are useless as a bookie now though. For promos they are a bit useless, but for arbs and middles, they are actually pretty good. They are right. They do have some pretty decent betting limits. I was smashing them on arbs and middles for ages, and then they “restricted” me …. to $1500 stakes haha. You’ve gotta be quick though. They change their prices reasonable quick to be in line with Pinnacle or BetFair. If you’re on it, you can still make some good money.



      TopSport have actually given me some of these loyalty bonuses too. Just got another $200 today.

      So even know there is no initial sign up bonus, they do hand bonuses out if you bet with them.



      Topsport will always let you on for at least $500, unlike some of the big name bookies. For a small book I rate these guys highly



      So Do topsport have any deposit offers now?



      No, but you should get a loyalty bonus after you sign up and actually place a few bets.



      I emailed TopSport regarding some deposit matched bonus bets after betting with them for a few months. They matched up to $200 and currently have $50 match offer.

      They have also just brought out a new loyalty/rewards program with and an odds boost feature in the works.

      Found these guys to be solid and have better margins than most other bookies!



      The current offer is dependent on how much you bet with them. I got a few $250 matched offers.

      Yep, they are a good bookie imo.

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