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      Boys, I’ve had an issue with unibet. I place a $2400 bet on unibet and was way too late
      To lay it, I fkd up. Anyways, it was for total goals over 3.5 @ $1.83. At half time, it was 3-0. I was offered the cash out feature before I placed the bet hence why I placed the bet in the first place.

      During the whole game I wanted to cash out but I wasn’t given the chance to until the 83rd minute for $650.

      Fucking dogs.

      Please tell me there’s a way to get this money back?



      wait i don’t get it, why was it too late to lay it?

      You said you tried to cash out in the 83rd minute? why didn’t you lay at half time when they were 3-0 up? You probably could of ensured yourself like +$1500?

      Did you get greedy and leave the bet on? 😂



      Haha nah, I didn’t get greedy. I didn’t have anywhere near enough on hand to be able to lay at half time, plus I’ve never paid before during a live event, I was pretty stressed and scared to be honest to lay what I had. I was really just hoping unibet was going to offer me the cash out,

      Any ideas man to get the money back? They are actually a pack of dogs

      They said the traders are allowed to offer the cash out whenever they feel like it



      nah if its in their terms and conditions not much you can do. Bastards lol

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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