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      Please use this thread to discuss the bookmaker Unibet.
      💥Bonus Queries
      💥State Sign Ups
      💥Promotion Bans
      💥Anything & Everything!



      Hi, i am from VIC. Wanting to kno what the best offer is available.



      Unibet.com.au Review

      This one works fine mate. Deposit $200 and get a $300 CASH bonus. Remember though – this bonus is stake included! so treat as if you are just turning money over. use the ‘normal sculpulator’!
      This is the only bonus that is stake included ATM



      Do you guys have an affliate link for Unibet?



      hey mate, nah unfortunately not. We don’t want to send our traffic over to the bookmakers just in case. Thanks for asking though – apprecaite it 🙂

      That link above works fine though.

      If you haven’t already, feel free to sign up with our Betfair link



      No dramas! Yeah, I used your betfair link already. Cheers! 😉



      Hey guys, so today I received a deposit bonus offer from Unibet: “Deposit $50 and receive $100 in bonus money” (stake included). With Unibet you must use your deposited funds first before using your bonus money. So what is the best strategy here for making profit off the $100 bonus money without just ‘wasting’ my $50 deposit? Cheers 🤙



      Firstly, you should of gone for the $300 Offer! Deposit $200, receive $300 in bonus money.

      So UNIBET is the only agency which offers a stake included bonus. Right now you have $150 in pure cash. You have already made the +$100 in theory.

      All you have to do now is turn over the funds to meet the requirements. (instead of trying to turn it over hedging against other agencies head to head, use it as leverage to turn over other bonuses.)

      Unibet have the best odds floating around atm for the World Cup (Draw Market), so just use the funds in the account now to help turn over other bonuses!

      Agency 1 : Team 1 – Bonus Bet
      Agency 2 : Draw – Unibet (Treat it as Real Cash)
      Agency 3 : Team 2 – Real Cash

      You have 30 days from now so no rush.


      Unibet will more then likely offer you another bonus offer in the next week while this offer is still active. Deposit $50, get $50 in Bonus Cash. Don’t accept this offer unless you have met the turn over requirements for the first bonus.

      If you accept it, all the bonus cash you still have will disappear, and you will only be left with the initial $50 you deposited!

      We had an Elite lose $1000 after accepting the offer. He got it back, but they are sneaky bastards. heads up 🙂



      Does that mean you could use unibet to lay or back bets?



      So I just signed up to Unibet and they wont give the bonus bets to my account? 🙁 I asked any way around this and they said no, now what?



      hey guys,
      So i have $57 on unibet. Which is effectively not turned over bonus money. I have an offer i can accept deposit $100 and get $75 added. I want to put $100 on the epl promo that is under calvins. Best plan of attack?



      Deposit the $100 and get the bonus man!

      Even if the $57 vanishes, you still end up in the green.

      What was the initial deposit you had anyway? (what is now $57)



      is it possible to get bonus bet offers from unibet if you are from SA?



      your best bet is signing up via here https://welcome.unibet.com.au/au/aff/sportsbook/racing/250/index.html?mktid=1:81746111:877749-23939

      Once signed up, don’t deposit.

      See that thing i circled red? When your half way through signing up, it will more then likely dissapear.

      Continue signing up.

      Once done, call customer service and be like

      ” hey, i was signing up for your $200 cash bonus then it disappeared. I was about to deposit but unsure if i will still get that $200 bonus. Can you help me out by letting me know before i move forward with the deposit? ”

      They should give you something (i know they do for NSW).

      Let me know how that goes man!



      Just tried live chat online few min ago and thy say no due to SA legislation. Will calling them be any different?

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