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      Please use this thread to post any bonuses you were able to acquire from VIC



      Is there anyone giving out deposit bonus bets in VIC?? Not having much luck



      yes most of the bookmakers give them out for VIC customers!

      Have you checked this?

      Which bookies are you after, just ask in the forums before signing up and we can send you the info



      Already have accounts with williamhill, crownbet, sportsbet.

      I was gonna try with Unibet today, I was told you just deposit 200 and 400 will be in the account. is that correct? I messaged the company and they said they wont give me a bonus due to living in VIC.



      yeh just sign up and deposit. They are unable to offer you anything by law, but when you put money in it’s a different story lol



      Whats the next best lower budget promotional bonus signup to do after unibet?




      Anyone got the palmerbet 500 bonus recently from Vic?



      Yeah. I know of a vic account that got a $250 bonus this week. Just the standard one though their website. It got punted, but only won $60 from it in the end.

      Part of me wonders if they actually look at how much the bonus wins though, when making a decision to pull it from the accounts or not. I mean for the $60 profit that was made from it, it’s probably worth them giving that out now, as then that account has to satisfy the shitty rollover t&c’s, and Palmer think they’ll more than make that back from the account.

      I’d be interested to see what the outcome would have been if the $7 odds bet that most of the bonus was bet on had won.



      Hey fellas, I just went through and tried to claim as many bonuses as I could last month (I’m in VIC). Here’s how I went with each bookie.

      • Will Hill (Doesn’t exist anymore) 100 Deposit /100 Bonus
      • Ladbrokes 250 Deposit/250 Bonus
      • Palmerbet 250 Deposit/250 Bonus
      • Neds 300 Deposit/300 Bonus
      • Sportsbet 300 Deposit/300 Bonus
      • Bet365 200 Deposit/200 Bonus
      • TAB 100 Deposit/100 Bonus
      • Unibet200 Deposit/200 bonus
      • BetEasy 200 Deposit/250 bonus
      • MadBookie 100 Deposit/100 bonus

      All in all 2k deposited, 2050 in bonuses. I managed to turn it into a bit over 1k of real money simply because I made some silly mistakes early on. If you haven’t started yet and you’re wondering how much cash can be made, you could potentially make $1400+ in a few weeks if you have someone who’s done it before walk you through it. I wasted 250 on my first bet by making an easy mistake for a beginner.

      Some bookies can be real hardasses about handing out bonuses, don’t be afraid to get on the phone as this is the easiest way of securing bonuses by far. Do your research and bet smart. The system is super basic once you get your head around it all 😊



      hey mate, great stuff.

      You missed $100 Topbbeta btw.

      By being apart of “The Elites System” alone, you would of been able to up some of those bonuses.

      $550 with Ladbrokes followed by a $400 bonus by following a simple tactic = $950 Total
      $500 Palmer
      $500 With an unknown agency which under 1% of AUS would know about

      What you are doing right now is not the system i might add also. You are doing bonus turnovers on sport, which is around 1% of what we do in The Elites System. We don’t actually turn our bonuses over on sport tbh, we focus on racing. We average around 80-120% Turnover (where as sport is 60-70). That alone would of seen you make an extra $300-$500 in Profits just from those 2k of bonuses. Added on with the other bonuses, you could of had an extra $650 bonus with Lads, $250 with Palmer, and $500 with another agency no one knows about.

      So yes, it is great getting walked through this stuff, but it there is no need to be walked through when you have our expert mentorship and you are apart of our Elites Community.

      Congrats on getting the bonuses turned over, but this is just the beginning! the learning has not even started yet lol



      @evcouta what is the 400 bonus tactic you mentioned above from lads?



      Hi I’m new to cashkings and from VIC. I’ve got accounts with TAB, Sportsbet, BetEasy and Ladbrokes. Was wondering if I can still get bonuses for these existing accounts. Cheers



      You can only get reload bonuses which we talk about in the bonus basher eBook. Different agencies prioritize different things. some will offer you a reload bonus if you’ve been inactive (less common now)… some if your depositing a lot whether your winning or losing etc.

      High activity will give you more bonuses though for sure

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