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      The first step into your matched betting journey is always placing that first successful bet. You are scared, you don’t want it to go wrong, you don’t want to lose your hard earned money on something you do not feel to confident with.

      When starting we understand how daunting it can be to place your first couple of bets. I was lucky enough to have a mentor help me when i first started, so that is what this thread is for.

      This thread is mainly focused on beginners. Bonus Bets and Turnover Bets will only be answered.

      Before you place a bet, send it in and we will have an expert check it for you

      Please provide the following informatiom:
      💥Team 1,Agency 1 – Odds
      💥Team2, Agency 2 – Odds
      💥Turnover % you think



      hey i think i have found a 76.5% bonus turnover.

      It is

      Wta Tennis Simic v Brescia
      Simic william hill $4.4 odds
      Brescia G $1.29 odds
      i am receiving a 76.5% turnover from this correct??

      Should i do it? i am using a $100 bonus for it.



      hey mate. Your math is spot on!

      I would avoid it though – remember how we say to stick to higher profile sporting events?

      Womens WTA tennis is a no go.

      Some sports i do are

      Champions League

      You can find anywhere from 70-80% with these sports.

      I personally turn over bonuses on racing. Get 80-120% each bonus on average.



      What’s the best way to play this offer from CrownBet. 1st losing margin bet bonus back. Ie. 1-39, 40+. Can’t lay it on Betfair and taking the other margin on the same team and the H2H on the other isn’t profitable either



      If it was me, I’d just bet on it and hope you win, and if not you’ll get a bonus back, which you could then turn in to approximately $40 real cash. So your “$50” bet is really costing you $10, so you’re really increasing the effective odds you’re getting by 5 times, so if the odds of a margin is $2, you’re effective odds are really $10. In the long run, betting at odds like this you’re going to come out ahead. Just keep betting on the margins until you lose one.

      Of course you do need to check the odds on Crown are comparable to other bookies odds though. I.e I do find sometimes when a bookie has a promo, they may have reduced their odds compared to other bookies. You just need to make sure you’re betting on bets that have close to the normal odds of other bookies.

      The problem I find with promos like this is you need to lose to get the money back. If you have some wins early on chasing the bonus refund, it can really eat in to your profits you end up from the bonus. I personally find it’s less work and more profits in the long run to just hope for the win, and use the bonus to try and cover the losses somewhat if you don’t.



      spot on ^
      what game you throwing it on @bellys1978 ?



      hey downloaded book this morning great read thanks 🙂

      Is this ok?

      Please provide the following informatiom:
      💥syd v crows
      💥syd, 365 , 1.27 |||| crows, crownbet, 4.25
      💥69.10 % bonus turnover

      i am using a 250 bonus and it is stake not included yes? crownbet 1

      betting 250 bonus on crownbet and 1.27 on bet365 for $640




      Yep spot on. Although you are only gaining 69.10%. Should aim at least for 75+ ! Remember, you can only use Initial Sign Up Bonuses Once – so try get the max value out of them each time. Have a look at EPL – can find some great turnovers there.

      Also, did you claim the Bet365 $200 Bonus?



      I’d be betting on the Swans on Crown tonight. $5 bonus per goal their top goal scorer kicks, if that team wins. Min $10 stake. If Buddy keeps up his recent form, that could be a nice little quick earner for a small outlay.

      I wouldn’t put the bonus on a market that an agency is already offering a promo on.



      i already had a bet 365 account so that is fine 🙂

      ok, i got the bonus sitting there so no rush i guess

      how would i play that one? just bet on swans then use the other calculator? the normal one yes?

      thanks for help



      For such a small outlay, I’d probably just punt it, but if you didn’t want to potentially lose the full stake, yeah you could use the normal calculator and bet on the Crows elsewhere or lay the Swans on Betfair. Although a counter bet on the crows at odds of $4+ is going to be a very small bet (i.e around $3). Personally I wouldn’t want to go putting $3 bets on at normal bookies.

      Depends if you’ve got other accounts that have promos on tonights AFL too, that you can roll that $10 bet up with.



      would this be the same for the ubet promotions @oxy-351 ? would you just punt them considering they are only a $20 stake or something like that. example: the first basket and money back if your player scores 2nd or 3rd? or is that to risky



      Yes, personally I would just punt them. Either get the win, or hope for money back. It’s not so much the size of the stake that determines if I do that or not, it’s whether or not the counter/lay bet is also possibly going to win me a promo or not.

      So in the case of a promo like the NBA first basket scorer, putting a lay bet on the player (essentially betting they won’t score the first basket), well that money is doing absolutely nothing for me. I’m paying commission for what? It’s just extra money I’m losing over time.

      But, you’ve got to have enough of a bank roll to take any losses. With backing and laying, you’re reducing the amount you might win, but you’re also reducing the amount you might lose.

      I use the same method for horse racing. I just back. Most people on here back and lay. If there’s 5 bookies offering promos on the 10 races at Flemington on Saturday, I’ll have $2500 worth of bets on. If the worst possible thing happened and every horse I bet on came last, I’m down $2500. If the same thing happens to someone who lays, they might be down $500. Losing the $2500 at this point wouldn’t worry me that much as I know over time I’ll come out well ahead, but if I was just starting out and only had a $3K bankroll, well I know I’d prefer to lose $500 of that than $2500.

      So in short, I believe you’re better off just punting promos like this, but only if a few consecutive losses isn’t going to wipe out a large % of your bank roll.



      Hey Calvin, todays “calvin special” broncos v dogs is going to be a good one i think… i had my 365 and ladbrokes acounts closed a few years back if i eliminate those does it still work? cheers



      Can you get them re opened again?

      Sure does. Just might have to re arrange some of the values.

      We are working on a calculator which will do all the work for you – will help in situations like this 🙂

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