The Market which allowed me to make THOUSANDS RISK FREE every weekend!

The Sports Betting Market which allowed me to make THOUSANDS every weekend RISK FREE!
This is by far one of the highest yielding examples of Straight Sports Arbitrage I have ever seen. Just check some of my results below!
Now incase you don’t know Arbitrage Betting is RISK FREE betting. I’m over the stage of people saying it doesn’t exist. We have over 300 members who know it exists and has changed their lives by providing them with an ultra easy and quick stream of income that is usually higher than a part time paying job if done correctly. We help members start from a bankroll of $500+. That $500+ is then turned into thousands time after time with every member who applies our methods! See for yourself below

So imagine this…

…Exams are coming up. As usual the week before is a major cram making up for not touching a thing during semester. You arrive in the morning at the library to avoid any possible distractions. But dreading the day of grinding out past examination questions you needed that lift to get you started.
Coffee? No. I opened my laptop… clicked a few buttons… entered some numbers and within 15 minutes I had made over $1000 for that weekend laughing as I did it all. It was that easy.
Ultimately knowing that I had made another persons fortnightly wage in a few minutes is not only one of the best feelings, but it allows you to focus on what you need to do at the time. Financial freedom is one of today’s most sought after pleasures but to do it you have to work smart, not hard.
So what market was it and how did I find it? It happened early on in my Arbitrage Betting Career in 2016. After searching through uncommon markets in different sports I had stumbled across a gold mine… something very few others had known about.
The “First To 20” Market. This lasted for an entire NRL season without the bookmakers even noticing. It was a 3-way market where you bet on which team will get to 20 points first: Team A, Team B or Neither.
Below are just a few examples of the bets I was placing.


Now these were getting me 8-18% Return on Investment (ROI). Which is crazy. Remember this is risk free profits and I was making 8-18% within a couple days of placing my money. A bank gives you 2-3% for leaving your money in there for an entire year! Here I had access to that money and its profits after a couple days. (This is also when I started losing faith in the banks).

I made over $18,000 Risk Free, Tax Free Profit off this one Arbitrage Betting opportunity alone!

This was only using one small market, within one sport, within one league, using the one method. And I assure you this was FAR from my highest yielding method that year. Talk about potential.
To find a market like this which is consistently on every weekend on multiple games… you won’t find much better. And the best thing is after doing my own tests, I knew the agencies were not even noticing it! Meaning Account sustainability was not an issue and I could abuse this even more. I went through an ENTIRE NRL season smashing this Arbitrage Betting opportunity.

Now incase you didn’t figure it out

…the First to 20 market is no longer like it was. But keep in mind how many markets there are out there. Many of the top flight sports & leagues have over 180 markets alone and the opportunities are most certainly still there.
The Cash Kings Arbitrage Members know this and ever since joining up over 300 members have been reaping profits by gaining the expert knowledge of The Cash Kings. We have shared only the most profitable arbitrage methods along with providing a process & tools to make these profits in minimal time.
The First to 20 market was an example of “Straight Arbitrage” which is the most basic Arbitrage method out there. There are plenty others which are much more effective which we teach our members in great detail about. And once you are apart of the Cash Kings community, you always are. Knowledge is everything and the best Arbitrage Betting knowledge is with the Cash Kings and its members.

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